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Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog most of this is true
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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

AS I turn up the volume on Pink Floyds "Welcome to the Machine" in my gallery at 8pm, ambient lighting and acoustic walls I feel free, as my new exhibition is entitled "Wild and Free" this is what I feel when I listen to these old boys creative geniuses. As many of you older folk will know this music is so overwhelming it can take you to another place. Not where our everyday life resides but to a place of loving and life, out there, just so far away we can only dream. My thoughts take me to my first trip to Thailand in 1997 and when lying down in a hut with a fan swirling above I found myself somewhere where no one new where I was, no one I have ever met, knew or been with. It was an amazing moment, so far away from the life I had back home. I remember that day and still hold it dear to my philosophy of today. If you can escape the entrapment of western lead that pulls you where it wants you and doesn't let you where you believe you should be. We have a choice in life that is to do what we want to do, what we dream to do and then just do. I decided there in my hut that I would follow my dreams, my desires and let nothing hold me down. I now have a fulfilling life, as an artist it is a strange world to be such a person who paints life on canvas. I found that all my life it was to show my feelings was where I am happy, a place where to show and discuss all life's possibilities and dreams is a wonderful life to have. So I "Wish You Were Here" in my mind as the line goes "We're two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl"!

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