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Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog most of this is true
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Thursday, 31 March 2016

As I see the turmoil of my days at this brink in time I have created some of my most self indulgent pieces. I'm referring to the month of March, it is always the same. After 4 or so months without a glimmer almost of profitability it appears impossible to continue.
Apart form my usual TV watching on solar demise as in we are so small and un worthy to worry of such insurmountable moments in time that money has no real consequence apart from the local bank or bill owner wants it to be resolved NOW I find myself hectically trying to find you the buyer to cover the last 4 months of craziness.
Then what happens you all turn up like buses, well it is usually the case, what if not!

After 20 years as an artist and over 30 years self employed it is like digging and digging more into the soul and then you WILL find the gold to flow and all is well. Well I await this apparition in 2016 with anticipation.

Either way I will create art and you hopefully will observe that me as a single tiny mostly insignificant ant within the universe just may have something worth observing.
I paint life who are you

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

2016 and its about time I added to my Blog which I find something I neglect yet is a great place to express how my life is tuning in to the world around me.

Never sure who reads this stuff as there are so many other social media habits that Blogs to me are far from the social media spectrum.

My life as an artist is a turmoil of finding the buyers and dealers to sell to at this time of year that I find almost  in an impossible helerscelta of financial downfall
 I am nearly on the verge of finding the job centres list to make the ends of the bills meet my non exuberant bank balance before it caves in and is no more.

But as I have over the 20 years as an artist found the way to make it happen, all though this year has been a particularly crazy financial burden to my soul, I will work harder and speak loader than before and the sales of my art will prevail,,, I hope

My visitors say they love what I do and this always spurs my emotions to continue.
Yes it is a tough thing to be an artist as bills will always call and we neeed your money to send them off happy.
Then there is that part of an artist where we need to finding the inspiration to actually create something, some of this as in the above are the catalyst but really! I can do it without the above, why do you all put me through this hell.

So I have started painting in 2016, only just but its a start. 
Thanks for the inspiration!

There's so much I could tell you about my last 12 months but lets just concentrate on now and the future, as I would go on for ever.
I just reflect on my 6 weeks in Thailand this winter and wow all the anguish has gone and I am in love with life and living once more.