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MArtin Bush Fine Art

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog most of this is true
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Thursday, 31 March 2016

As I see the turmoil of my days at this brink in time I have created some of my most self indulgent pieces. I'm referring to the month of March, it is always the same. After 4 or so months without a glimmer almost of profitability it appears impossible to continue.
Apart form my usual TV watching on solar demise as in we are so small and un worthy to worry of such insurmountable moments in time that money has no real consequence apart from the local bank or bill owner wants it to be resolved NOW I find myself hectically trying to find you the buyer to cover the last 4 months of craziness.
Then what happens you all turn up like buses, well it is usually the case, what if not!

After 20 years as an artist and over 30 years self employed it is like digging and digging more into the soul and then you WILL find the gold to flow and all is well. Well I await this apparition in 2016 with anticipation.

Either way I will create art and you hopefully will observe that me as a single tiny mostly insignificant ant within the universe just may have something worth observing.
I paint life who are you